Fun Games and Challenges

Because Gymnastics does not have to be boring! Using games and challenges helps young gymnasts achieve their goals with fun!

Basic Gymnastics

Back to basics! We all see children doing cartwheels and walkovers on the streets. But can they perform simple backward tumble? The answer is: NO. Let us take care of it.

Professional Equipment

Mini Tramps, 10m Air Track, vault, bar, beam ... you name it. Your children will learn proper gymnastics with Fun.

Safe Environment

We don't just do gymnastics on puzzle mats! Safety of your children is our priority! We're using proper gymnastics mats to minimize injury risk.

Advanced Gymnastics

For those who already mastered basic gymnastics, we will take them to the next level. Somersault, back handspring, ... no problem.

Qualified Staff

Masters in Physical Education? Check!      Child protection? Check!      Garda Vetting? Check!        Insurance? Check!      No messing! Check!

Right now you can buy gymnastic mats, gymnastic beams, mini high bars, inflatable mats and much more.

Now you can make a payment for your child's favourite activity from the comfort of your couch 🙂

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