Club Rules


Club Communication

We will communicate with our members via WhatsApp Groups. Those groups are ‘read only’
If you’d like to ask a question, please use a private message on WhatsApp.
Last minute cancelled classes, health advice information, class photos, registration news and much more will be shared there.
It is parents responsibility to join the group and be up to date with information shared.


Registration is to be made online ONLY. Please use our website by making a deposit/full payment.
This will secure your child’s place in our gymnastics club.

Your child has a priority when re-enrolling for next term. However, if no payment is made week before new term stats, your place could be given to the next person on a waiting list.

Payment methods.

Fees should be paid online using our website using credit or debit card.
Only in exceptional circumstances, we could accept payments by:
– cash,
– cheque made out to FUN GYMNASTICS,
– electronic transfer.

If paying by bank transfer, please use your child’s full name and town as a reference. Please don’t forget to notify us by text or e-mail once your payment has been made.

Fees (8wk term)

1 child – €90

2 children – €162

3 children – €230

No weekly payments/pay as you go will be accepted under any circumstances.
We appreciate your co-operation in our deposit request in advance of upcoming terms.
The club will run forward on a strict no fees no train policy, failure to pay fees on time will affect your child’s participation in classes.
Balance of fees must be paid in full in advance of the new term.

In relation to Gymnastics Camps – they cost €100 for 1st child and €80 for 2nd, 3rd child – this applies to siblings only.

Refund Policy

Fun Gymnastics operates “no refund policy”.If you’ve made a payment, however your child is not able to attend, you have 2 options:
1. Find someone instead, who is willing to continue for the remainder of the term.
2. Make up classes in other locations – subject to availability – please contact us in advance.

Please note: deposit payments for camps and competitions are subject to the same no refund policy – please make sure you’ve made an informed choice.

Make up classes

If you wish to attend a make-up class, you must first check availability by calling 0860411112. To book in for a make-up class, please text or email our office along with your child’s full name, usual class venue and time plus requested day and time you wish to attend for a make-up class. A member of our team will confirm available class times for your child to attend a make-up class.

Attendance and collection 

Safety is our priority! Please make sure your child wears GRIP SOCKS at all times.
These can be purchased in any trampoline park in the country. (Penney’s fluffy grip socks are not acceptable).
Otherwise, it’s just leggings/tracksuit bottoms/shorts and t-shirt/hoodie.
Also, please tie their hair and remove the jewellery. No chewing gum. Bottle of water is a must.
Please make us aware of any conditions or special requirements your children might have.

It’s a drop and go service – there are few reasons, why we don’t let parents to stay.
But don’t worry – your children are in a good hands.
All our coaches are Garda Vetted, Safeguarding aware and First Aid trained.

Please note, children must be collected in person. No child will be allowed to walk home on it’s own without written consent from a parent.
When it’s dark outside, please step out of the car and come to the door.

Participation Terms

Please note that this info is valid for all our locations. By making a booking you agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

You intend your child to participate in the activities provided by Fun Gymnastics. These include but are not limited to using various gymnastics either on or off site. You are aged eighteen (18) years or older and that if signing for a minor that you are their parent or guardian.

You agree for your child to follow and abide by all instructions and directions given by Fun Gymnastics staff prior to and during participation in The Events. You also agree them to follow and abide by all notices erected by Fun Gymnastics, staff or agents. You also agree to our attire policy and make sure they wear protective clothing (grip socks). You acknowledge that Fun Gymnastics is not responsible for any personal belongings of yours that may be damaged or stolen whilst participating in The Events.

You agree that neither yourself or your child will not participate in The Events at any time while under the influence of an intoxicant whether legal or otherwise. You also agree that you will not participate in The Events while taking medication, whether prescribed or otherwise, that may adversely affect your safe participation in The Events, thus increasing the risk of injury, loss or damage to yourself or another.

You understand that this is a physical activity and that participation in The Events requires a moderate degree of fitness and that You/your child should not participate in The Events unless You/your child are/is able to do so. You acknowledge and declare that You/your child do not suffer from any medical condition that would prevent your/their participation in The Events or increase the likelihood of injury, loss or damage to yourself or another. You also fully understand that by participating in The Events you are exposing yourself or your child to risk of injury, bodily harm, death or damage to personal property and that YOU FULLY ACCEPT THESE RISKS. 

You acknowledge that all incidents or injuries must be reported to a member of Fun Gymnastics staff at the time of occurrence. Failure to do so will indemnify Fun Gymnastics, its servants or agents against all claims arising from said injury or incident. By agreeing to our terms and conditions and participating in The Events you acknowledge and accept that Fun Gymnastics will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising out of your/your child’s participation in The Events and you hereby waive all and any claims against Fun Gymnastics, its servants or agents in this respect.

You hereby release, waive, forever hold harmless, indemnify and keep indemnified Fun Gymnastics, its servants and agents, against all claims for injury, loss or damage sustained by you/your child arising from my/their participation in The Events. You further release, waive, forever hold harmless, indemnify and keep indemnified Fun Gymnastics, its servants and agents, against all claims made by another for injury, loss or damage arising from your or your child’s failure to abide by or follow instructions, directions and notices given or erected by staff or management of Fun Gymnastics while participating in The Events.

You hereby declare that You fully understand that this form maybe pleaded as a bar to any action or proceeding taken by You at any time against Fun Gymnastics, its servants or agents, arising from or as a consequence of your/your child’s participation in The Events.

You hereby declare that you have read, fully understood and agree to this waiver.